El día de mañana
Victory of Samothrace
Nacho has died
The shouting of the Prado museum
The bad education
Before died that simple

Pablo Lecroisey

Lives and works at In Madrid Spain

Born 10/02/1979


CV Pablo Lecroisey Born in Madrid, Spain, 1979. Solo Exhibitions 2016 All the same it always was - Gallery Factoría de Arte y Desarrollo / Madrid – Spain. 2015 Ostraca - Art Center Tomás y Valiente (CEART) / Fuenlabrada, Madrid - Spain. Five years - (C.M.A.) Municipal Arts Centre Buero Vallejo, Alcorcón, Madrid (Spain). 2014 Retrospective, Ramses Space, Madrid (Spain). 2013 Mud and lollipops , EFTI – Off Space, Madrid (Spain). 2012 One hundred seventy, Open Studio, Madrid (Spain). Group exhibitions 2016 Centre of the contemporary art Konvent.0 / Cal Rosal (Berguedà) – Barcelona – Spain. Self- portraits, the fascination with the body and face - Aguafuerte Gallery / City of Mexico (Mexico. Isms , cliché or resource creation - Aguafuerte Gallery / City of Mexico (Mexico. Interior knot. Artists transit 1st Edition - Space Art Cage / City of Mexico (Mexico). 2015 82 Salon d'Automne. Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors, “Casa de Vacas” cultural center, Retiro Park, Madrid (Spain) The city signs and scars - Space “Art Cage Condesa”, Mexico City (Mexico). IBERENCONTROS 1, Castelo Branco (Portugal). EnContexto 2015 - Cultural center “La Casa Encendida”, Madrid (Spain) Plural 15 EFTI, Unonueve Space, Madrid (Spain) Franqueados 0.15, Cool Inquieto Space, Madrid (Spain) 2014 State Subconsciosm 7 Gardens Gallery of Cáceres (Spain) 81 Salon d'Automne. Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors, Casa de Vacas cultural center, Retiro Park, Madrid (Spain) 3th Edition of Cultur3 Club,Palacio de la Riega, Gijón (Spain) ExSistencias, Tu Cuarto de Arte , in Madrid (Spain) 2013 Sensorium International Gran Gala of Surrealism, Cadaqués (Spain) 2009 Show of Master EFTI, PhotoEspaña 09, Madrid (Spain) Like father like son, Tarazona Photo, Zaragoza (Spain) The solid look, Photographers for Peace, Madrid (Spain) Artist residences 2016 Artist residency in Mexico City ( Mexico ) , February 1 May 2016. Hosted by art cage. 2015 Artist residency in the City of Madrid ( Spain ) , April to December 2015. Hosted by Venancio Blanco Foundation. Participation in fairs Art & Breakfast 2016, Málaga (Spain), Gallery “Veo Arte en Todas partes”. Bazaar Art and Design, Monterrey (Mexico), Martin creative group. ARCO 2016, Madrid, space “Clorofila Digital” / Stand 9G07. Room Art Fair 2016, Madrid, Gallery “Veo Arte en Todas partes”. Lacolect Fair 2015, Madrid, with Veo Arte en Todas partes JäälPhoto 2015, Madrid, with Arte a un click and Veo Arte en Todas Partes. Art & Breakfast 2015 , Málaga (Spain), with Grunkreuz Berlin Gallery LUFT 2014, I Fair of Photo Book in O2 Gallery Madrid, with Grunkreuz & O2 Gallery Cuarto Público Art Fair 2014, in Santiago de Compostela (Spain), with Ingenio Gallery IC. Room Art Fair 2014, Madrid, with Galería 3k Art. Prizes and mentions 2016 Finalist in TINA Prize 2016 (Edition Lisbon, Los Angeles, São Paulo). 2015 Prize winner of the Spanish Association of Painters and sculptors with the exhibition of 82 Salon d'Automne. Winner of the Tina Prize edition Madrid 2015 (selected by the galleries “Factoría de Arte y Desarrollo” “Combustión Espontánea”) Third place in the Disaster Photo 2015 contest, organized by the APTB (Technical Association of Professional Firefighters). 2014 Finalist in TINA Prize 2014 Winner of the 3K Art Contest Viewings selected Photoespaña 2014 Project selected for FIU BCN (Talent propulsion youth) Disseny Hub Museum in Barcelona, Spain Finalist Project in Reebok HUB Finalist in Beefeater London District , Madrid Spain 2012 Finalist in the María José Jove Foundation Contest Education and training 2002/2003 Photo studios in CEV, School of Communication, Image and Sound, Madrid, Spain 2008/2009 EFTI - International master of photography, "Concept and Artistic Creation" , Madrid, Spain 2009/2010 Workshops and seminars: Alejandro Castellote, Beatriz Martínez, Carmen Dalmau, Chema Madoz, Ciuco Gutiérrez, Daniel Canogar, Eduardo Momeñe, Eugenio Ampudia, Eugenio Recuenco, Guillaume Reynaud, Jesús Micó, Jorge Salgado, José Latova, José Luis Santalla, Juan SantaCruz, Juan Valbuena, Luis Malibrán, Manuel de los Galanes, Manuel Rufo, Matt Siber, Miguel Oriola, Nancy Davenport, Rafael Liaño, Santiago B. Olmo, Valentín Sama. 2010 / Currently Collaborations with photographers Antonio Cordero, Pepe Botella and Ruben Dario. 2013 / Currently Studying Degree of Art History at the Distance Studies National University (UNED) Upcoming projects and exhibitions 2016 Individual exhibitions • Art gallery “Art Cage” City of Mexico - Mexico. Group exhibitions • Korean Cultural Center New York / New York - USA . November 16 to December 16 Works in collections • Venancio Blanco Foundation Collection


Pablo Lecroisey, the recreation of the spirit. Anyone on the paper will not be me but my pretense and your version of the facts Photography, José Luis Piquero. The photographic work of Pablo Lecroisey is the result of the inquiry into the feelings and obsessions that throughout his career have shaped a unique personal linguistic world inside the photographer. His work is translated into a set of compositions with a strong fantastic and surreal sense that we could classify as Ars Combinatoria, a way of representing reality as a complex and plural osmosis of characters and a wondrous scenery in their body and their argument. Thus, it presents a catalog of unlikely convergence, understanding this description as amazing, but with sufficient information to be able to deduct interpreting and thus his initial intention. Lecroisey is a photographer whose multiple narrative and aesthetic devices contains constant references to the Baroque masters and the Raphaelites. It´s notable for his use of the light and the knowledge of the color values ​​of the clothes and scenarios, the understanding of space and the changing light values ​​- especially in times of high light, especially in the appearance of the shadows and performance capture by the sight of all the scenes and figures. So Lecrosey carries to the light and leads the viewer's eye through the skillful use of the objetive through the power of the compositions applied safely and enlivened each other, figures act as a unifying element in a clever management of styles, methods and means. His photographs include portraits of characters that interact either with each other or with their environment, in a theater full of excessive energy. Paul Lecroisey approaches short stories, contemporary tales, fables with a moral in each of his compositions; The Day of tomorrow invites us to explore the beauty of the unexpected through dance, the series The Big House of Fuencarral, recounts through a ghostly presence the charm of the ruin, in the heartbreaking The Prado Shouts transmitted anguish redeemed by action, in Nacho is dead talks about the loneliness and chaos of the artist, Is never too late reflects on the ages of man and eternity etc… In all his works resemble photograms in a multi story unfolding without a linear structure. These photographic sequences, simulating a storyline, a story or a kind of tale, although they may trigger a series of actions in the viewer's mind the narrative is too fragmentary to approach the overall picture. His commitment to the sets in unexpected places (like the Centro Cultural La Tabacalera, the Thyssen Museum and the historic restaurant Lhardy in Madrid) contribute to give a new meaning for these space while gaining a new narrative imagery that meets the collective desire to create stories. The artist oscillates between past, present and future, dream and reality, tradition and modernity, fiction and truth, addressing the deepest feelings of the human soul. The specific becomes the interiority of the photographer, the narrative desire and the fables plays with the transcendental self to unite the concepts that Lecroisey generates in his struggle forward.

Tina Prize - Roma Artists Tina Prize - Berlin Artists Tina Prize - Bercelona Artists